Monday 25 September 2023
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Where You Can Go to Open an Online Gaming Merchant Account

iPayTotal concentrates in both gaming online payment and online merchant accounts payment gateways offering the greatest gaming merchant account in the industry. iPayTotal’s expert team in online gambling payment processors works close with the providers to make certain you get the best needs for your business.

Offers everything needed

By having partners who are dedicated to gaming businesses, we offer you all you need to accept gaming card payments as well as pay-out winnings securely and easily. Our features are dedicated to gaming solutions that are flexible and have been established to deliver growth and value to your business with a better merchant account.

Accepts credit and debit card payments

Accept payments from debt and credit card securely and easily process repeat and late payments, refund management, winnings paid out into one easy to use and customisable platform. With releases that are regular and a strong infrastructure, you will be able to rely on our platform and concentrate on what’s significant for your business; delivering the best possible experience to your customers.

Team of experts

The experts on the seteams are payment processors for online gambling and casino businesses. They work closely with their providers to ensure we can secure the best possible advice according to the needs of your business.

Range of payment options

With our variety of online gaming and options of payment our experts can offer you the right advice first time, saving you both money and time and can provide you solutions for:

  • Online merchant account
  • Online pay by phone
  • Online payment gateway
  • Online payment processor
  • Online payment processing
  • Online credit card chargeback

iPayTotal offers betting merchant account to many types of businesses in the casino and online gaming industry, including:

  • Casinos
  • Horse race betting
  • In-play gambling
  • Lotteries
  • Massive multiplayer online gaming
  • Mobile gambling
  • Mobile gaming
  • Online bingo
  • Online poker
  • Social gaming

When online gaming and casino businesses apply for merchant accounts, underwriters review them in order to see that they are running reputable and legitimate businesses.

Doing a review

During a review, underwriters examine many factors to ensure credit card processors are not taking any risk that is unnecessary. Merchants that are measured as high risk means processors are taking on a larger potential financial burden.