Tuesday 26 September 2023
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What type millionaire will you become?

Well, I am already a millionaire and let me tell you what kind of the ‘rich person’ I am –

  1. I save as much as I spend – The thumb rule of having money always is to save. I have enough money in my account to help me live comfortably till 100, without worrying about inflation.  I travel, buy expensive books, but I have a monthly saving goal, which I meet.
  2. I pay my taxes – I became a millionaire by winning the lottery on Lottoland, an international platform that is regulated. It was a shock to realize I need to pay a large sum as taxes. Since then, I have hired a tax lawyer, and listen to her always.
  3. I am wary of freeloaders – It’s not that I do not help people in need, but I have learned to recognize the freeloaders, the hard way. The moment people around me came to know about my good fortune, I had a host of friends and relatives, looking for ways to spend my money. I am wary of such people and have learnt to say no, firmly but politely.
  4. I stay loyal to my family – My friends are my family. They, my partner and mum keep me grounded. It is so necessary to spend lots of time with them.