Tuesday 26 September 2023
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What kind of Heads Up Strategy You Can Take for the Poker Games

Heads up poker is perhaps the most difficult part of poker. This is because the ranges of both players are so wide pre-flop and post-flop that it is difficult to find a middle ground. Heads-Up literally means that you play one against one. It is usually the confrontation between the two remaining players from a Sit & Go, Tournament or other game variant of idn poker. You can also choose to play Heads-Up immediately if you are with only two players. For some, this is even a specific game form. These players specialize in heads up and try to be the best at this. This is of course worth a lot, because every poker player is going to get Heads up.

The game pressure one to one

The pressure about playing Heads-Up poker is very high, because you know that the first person will receive the first prize. Because the ranges are so wide, value can be played with much worse hands, because the opponent also has relatively much worse hands. In fact, for 20 big blinds it is almost impossible to fold against an open. With heads up poker money the same, make sure you know what kind of player you have in front of you. Does the player raise too much, is he balanced or just doing something? And capitalize on what you see. If you see a hand that’s weird at show-down, make a note of it and exploit this bad play further in the heads up.

Strategy one on one

When playing Heads-Up poker, both players must place blinds, the Small Blind and the Big Blind. So both players already have a small part of their Stack in the pot. You can choose to call or open. However, you should never bet too much when making a Raise. You don’t want to scare your opponent if you think you have a good chance of winning.

Make sure to be patient and never abandon your own strategy. If your opponent wins a pot five times in a row, it does not mean that you are playing badly but that you have the wrong hands for the boards that have come out. The next five hands are yours again! As soon as you deviate from your strategy, you only put yourself in difficult spots that you are not familiar with and you end up losing more.

Hand-order poker

Poker is all about who can make the best possible five handy combination. Below are all possible hand combinations listed with an example. All hand combinations are ranked from best to worst.

Royal Flush

These are five on a subsequent card, all of the same suit, with the highest card being the Ace. This is the rarest hand in poker, it hardly ever occurs. If you have it, you are assured of the pot: 10-JQKA (of the same kind).

 Straight Flush

These are five on a subsequent card that are all of the same suit, the highest card is never the Ace. If the highest card is not an Ace it is called a Straigt Flush: 3-4-5-6-7 (of the same suit)   .

Four of a kind

These are basically four cards of the same image or number, also called square. Also a very rare hand that is rare: KAAAA.