Monday 25 September 2023
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What Is Handicap Betting?

About handicap betting

This is an option that is offered on many bookmaker sites. With handicap betting you are given a leading start which makes wagering of bets more interesting at sites like Link Alternatif IBCBET. Even if it seems to be confusing at first, it is an alternative way to bet on certain sporting events.

How it works?

For instance, if there was a professional sprinter and an average person lined up to race on the street, you would expect the professional sprinter to win. This would present a boring scenario as the odds would not vary. However, if the average person was given a head start, not only would the race have a more uncertain outcome, but it would also be interesting for wagering bets on it. That is the essence of handicap betting:

  • You give an outcome an advantage and the other outcome a disadvantage.
  • That makes betting more even.
  • Handicap betting can be done on different sports betting sites and for different sports such as football.
  • You will find numbers given after a team name in brackets that shows the advantage or disadvantage that is offered on the handicap.

Examples of handicap betting

When you find a listing on Link Alternatif IBCBET that states that Arsenal (-0.5) against Newcastle (0.5), it means that Newcastle is starting the game with a half goal advantage. Hence, if Arsenal wins the match, you will win the bet, though if there is a draw, then those who are backing Arsenal will not will their bet. On the other hand, Newcastle supporters will win whether the team wins or even if the game ends in a draw.

The above points showcase the way wagering of bets on sports events become interesting when handicap betting feature is used. If you are wagering on bets on different sporting events, check for such features to gain an advantage on your bets.