Monday 25 September 2023
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Want To Play Strip Poker At Home? Here Are The Steps You Should Follow

Poker is a famous and most-played variant of card games in recent times. People from different age groups love to play poker in their free time. One of the interesting variants of poker is strip poker. Keeping the online version of poker aside, offline poker is always fun because you can enjoy the real feeling of competition. Strip poker is an adult game that is mostly played between couples. Now we can make a guess that strip poker is already going through your mind!

To understand the concept of strip poker and how you can play this game at home you must do one thing and that is to continue reading this article.

Strip poker: Everything you need to know!

Strip poker is a tricky and interesting variant of poker that is slightly different from other poker variants. In strip poker, every participant must bet one piece of clothing, unlike other variants where participants bet chips. So in short while playing strip poker you have to focus on saving your clothes while planning to remove your opponent’s clothing by betting. Let us see what are the other things that you must focus on while playing strip poker at your home.


It is important to understand the concept of strip poker because it is quite an adult variant of poker. It is mostly played between couples or adults who have understanding and compatibility between them. To set up the strip poker, all the participants have to be mentally prepared for it.


Whenever we play any game it is our responsibility to place each player with equality. In strip poker, players have to remove one piece of clothing after they lose their bet, so it is important that every player must wear the same number of clothes. However, when you are playing with male and female players then it may become difficult for you to have the same number of clothes. In case you are not able to match the exact number of clothes you can add chip value to every piece of clothing. For example, for every female’s clothes, you can add 3 chips for dresses, 1 chip for socks, and 1 chip for shoes, and the total will be 5 chips. Now for males 1 chip each for shirts, shoes, jeans, jackets, and caps. The total of all chips for male clothes will also be the same as the female ones.

Playing cards

It is the most essential part of strip poker. You cannot start playing strip poker unless you have playing cards in your hand.


Chips are an integral part of poker and the same goes for strip poker as well. Like we use money as a chip while betting in other poker variants, in strip poker we use articles of clothing as the chip. Here are some additional things that you can add while playing strip poker at home to make things a little more spicy and interesting.

Sense of humour

A person with a sense of humour can make everything comfortable and fun for everyone. People might let go of their hesitation if they are laughing and enjoying themselves together.

Slow music

If you wish to enjoy strip poker with your partner or close friends you can play slow music that will create a soothing vibe among players.

Refreshments and drinks

Strip poker may take a long time and people may feel hungry or distracted so you can have refreshments to keep your interest alive. You can also add drinks if you want to spice up things a little more but this step is purely optional and you can avoid it if anyone is not comfortable with it.

So these were some of the basic things that you must know before you plan to play strip poker! Platforms like GetMega where you can play classic card games like poker and rummy are becoming popular these days. It is a safe and secure platform to play games and earn so many cash prizes.

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