Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Types Of Betting Prevalent In A Golf Tournament

Betting in golf can be quite interesting since while other sport betting events require placing bets on individual games, golf ensures big wins. But the risks are also higher and everything hinges on the selection of a probable winner.

Golf tournaments are also played the whole year round. Hence a punter gets a chance to hone his skills and also make decent winnings in the process by availing any of the myriad betting options available on sports betting websites like

Some of the popular golf bets that are placed in tournaments are:

  • Winner betting: This is the most straightforward, easy and common type of betting one can opt for in a golf tournament.
  • Each way betting: It is a sort of a double down wager wherein the bet is placed on a golfer and irrespective of whether he wins or finishes among the top few, the punter stands to win.
  • First round leader: As the name suggests, herein the odds are posted on the prediction of the outright first round winner at the end of the first day. People who bet on it stand to win big. .
  • Top nationality: In this type of betting, a wager is placed on who will become the top winner of a certain nationality like the Top Asian winner, the Top USA winner etc.
  • Head to head: These are bets placed on specific players who punters think stand a chance to win against the playing partner chosen for the day. In fact in this head to head form of betting bets can even be placed on the number of holes that a golfer will win against his opponent.
  • Top 5/10/20: Betting for golfers to finish in either the top 5, 10 or 20 positions falls under this type of betting.
  • Hole in one: Bets are placed on which player will ultimately win a hole in one in that particular week.

With so many opportunities to win in just a single tournament, betting in golf has become more of an occupation which yields a regular income.