Online gaming has shown exponential growth and popularity over the years. The falling data rates have ensured that more and more masses can enjoy different gaming facilities online. India is not behind in this phenomenon. The revenues from the gaming industry in India is expected to be close to 120 billion rupees in the next 4 to 5 years. While the revenues continue growing, gaming giants in India have made sure to connect back to its localized and native culture.

In this context, recent years have seen the development of many gaming applications that explore the Indian legacy like Indian rummy and teenpatti.  More and more Indians have used their knowledge about how to play rummy games to strengthen their presence in the online rummy scene. Here are a few trends you need to consider while playing rummy.

Trends to keep in mind while playing rummy

  • The Offline is now Online

Rummy started in the backyards and sitting rooms of our homes. People would engage in light conversation and spend a few hours playing card games like rummy. However, with the internet boom, the idea regarding how to play rummy games has changed significantly. The offline has now been substituted by the online. You no longer need to depend on a friend to play rummy. You can simply sign-in on a rummy app, choose the kind of game you want to play, select a table, and you’re done!

  • Money benefits and security

Online rummy has many monetary benefits involved. You can join in cash games and rummy tournaments. You can deposit their buy-in, and participate in different rummy games and tables in a tournament. While cash tournaments require you to deposit money for each game, freeroll tournaments just require a one-time deposit. You can also earn different bonuses and rewards while playing cash games. Your personal information like contact numbers and bank details are secured through an updated SSL technology. All transactions made in these games are secure and safe.

  • Virtual money

In case you do not feel confident about how to play rummy games and make online transactions with real money, you do not need to worry.  Rummy apps in the market offer virtual money, or free chips to players, for them to practice and enjoy free games. Now, even if you do not have the money to spend on rummy, you can experience the thrill of it by using virtual money.

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality

The online gaming scenario has witnessed an ever-increasing use of augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance players’ gaming experience. In the near future, one may expect to play rummy with virtual cards made with the AR and VR technology.


The growing digitalization of the world around us has changed how we used to perceive and experience things. The gaming world is no exception to this. The rummy playing experience has changed for online players all over the world. Concepts like AR/VR and virtual money have enhanced the scope of online rummy. The above-mentioned are a few trends which can be expected to get more popular in the near future.

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