Errors in the setup reduce the effectiveness of indexing the site, so the technical component should be paid close attention. The Robots.txt check is carried out first. Robots.txt must be filled in according to the rules, errors in it are unacceptable (recommendations for competent syntax writing are prescribed in Google and Yandex for webmasters). Robots.txt is used to indicate which pages or parts of a web resource are prohibited from indexing. An XML Sitemap is used to define index-prerogative pages.

The site map must be created in XML format and added to the toolbar for webmasters Yandex and Google. You can check for errors using the above search engines. With 토토 you can have the smart choices now.

Error Page (404 Pages Not Found)

Broken links that indicate deleted or moved files can appear on any resource. When a user lands on page 404, the main task is to keep him on the site. To check the appearance of the “incorrect” department, you need to enter the address with an error. The main thing that a puzzled user should see is the site logo, links to the correct sections, and the answer to the question of what to do next (certain tips).

HTML Validation

Compliance of the code with a specific standard, namely, the rules prescribed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is the key to successful indexing of a site and its cross-browser compatibility. You can evaluate the “working capacity” of the code using HTML validator.

Dubbing inside the site

Internal duplicates with identical blocks of information placed under different links create at first glance a minor, but extremely “unpleasant” problem for further website promotion. The presence of partial or complete coincidence of the pages leads to a decrease in the relevance of search queries, loss of reference mass and failures in the distribution of link weight, which complicates the task for webmasters. You can check the rate of “coincidence” using the search engines Google and Yandex.

Usability rating

Ease of use of the site is a dynamic and rapidly developing science. You need to analyze the productivity of the instrumental component before opening the site. The less actions a user needs to conclude a deal and familiarize himself with the information he is interested in, the better the promotion of the web resource will go on in the future.

Key usability assessment criteria include:

Visitor confidence in the site

Particular attention should be paid to the departments “Contacts”, “About the company”, “Delivery and payment”. It should indicate all methods of communication with the company; disclose its scope, the benefits of cooperation with it. Delivery information should include all the nuances, up to the terms and prices;

The structure and functionality

The placement of any page should be within 3 clicks from the main. The functions of sorting, searching, feedback, making a purchase, displaying content should be thoroughly tested. The process of making an order should be simple and correct in presentation. Follow the links, feedback on the icons of social networks, the operability of the “Online Consulting” window should also be checked. Simply put, all the functionality of a resource should be tested. In case of difficulties or unnecessary transitions, the interaction system must be simplified;

Responsive website design

Displaying a website on mobile devices and in popular browsers significantly expands its functionality and relevance. You can check the indicator of “mobile” adaptability by the service, “Browser” – a complement to Firefox Web Developer;

Page loading speed

A valid interval for downloading content is considered to be an interval of 3-5 seconds. Services for the diagnosis of “speed” mode: and

Resource Security

Antivirus Manual will allow checking for viruses and broken files (regular diagnostics can be carried out after registration in Yandex.Webmaster and Search Console). Passwords to the admin panel should be stored in a confidential place only with the administrator. Backup will avoid data loss in case of incorrect operation or infection of the site. It is advisable to do a backup of the resource automatically at a specific time.

Analytics collection

You can measure the popularity and level of site visits, create a statistical base, track and analyze the actions of the visitor and the effectiveness of advertising using services Google analytics and Yandex.Metrica .