The popularity of sports gambling flourished in no time. Some view it as their favorite pastime, while others perceive it as their source of income. Singapore and Malaysia are the two Asian countries with numerous horseracing gamblers. One of the well-known types of horse betting games is exotic horse bet. Exotic horse bets are horse racing parlays that require bettors to correctly predict the finish order of runners in a race or the results for every race in a series. Its enticing high return on investment made it highly sought-after among gamblers. 

An individual can try different types of exotic horse bets: the horizontal exotic bet or the exotic vertical bet.

  • Vertical Exotic Bet

Vertical bets are a multi-horse parlay on one race. Bettors must correctly identify which order the horses will finish winning. Once a gambler fails to do so, all their bets lose.

There are three types of vertical wagers:

  1. Exacta: The top two race finishers are the ones that bettors will wager on. The bettor may wager for 2-3 exacta. Two is the first place; three is the second. As predicted by the bettor, he wins if both horses finish the race.
  2. Trifecta: It is where bettors wager on the top three finishers of a race. The bettor wins if the horses finish the race in the same order as the bettor predicted.
  3. Superfecta: This category is where bettors place their money on the top four finishers of a race. The bettor may choose 2-3-5-6 superfecta. It would be 2 for the first placer and 3, 5, 6, and 6 for the second, third, or fourth places. He wins if the horses finish in the predicted positions.
  • Horizontal Exotic Bet

However, exotic wagers can be costly and high-risk. Despite this reality, Singapore’s horse racing live result is overflowing with these kinds of bets. The sportsbook companies of Malaysia have horse racing tips to offer their clients a much better exotic horse betting experience.

Its popularity perked many novice’s curiosity and if you are one of them, seeking information, then continue reading the infographic below created and designed by CM2BET to understand exotic horse betting more:

Singapore Pools Betting Understanding Exotic Horse Bets