In general, any online casinos such as online casinos united kingdom, offer a considerable variety of payment methods to their customers. All these methods are distinguished by their renown, both nationally and internationally. Options are available using credit cards, debit cards, virtual wallets and prepaid cards. See below for more information on the methods in question.

Electronic wallets and prepaid cards

Once created, the electronic wallets are linked to a bank account and a credit or debit card. Thus, the user is exempted from giving card codes when making payments, having only to provide the email. With prepaid cards, the user first sets the balance that he wants to have available on the card, which is an added security.

Payments with PayPal

The PayPal is perhaps the most used payment method for online transactions. Secure and immediate, after associating your PayPal account with a bank account you only have to log in with your email, to make a payment. It is practical and safe. If you only use euros, no fees are charged.

Pay with Skrill in the casino

The Skrill is another electronic wallet. The customer must open account and associate it with a bank account. Then you can start making payments in an extremely secure way. Skrill will be associated with your cards. Payments are immediate and fees charged do not exceed 1%.

Payments with Ne teller at online casinos

The Ne teller is designed specifically thinking about the online game industry, being one of the preferred methods of the players, for their safety and efficiency. To use it, you must create an account and associate it with a bank account. You can then make deposits with a huge array of methods, including bit coins.

Pay with Paysafecard at the casino

The Pay safe card is a prepayment option. The user purchases cards with balances of 10, 25, 50 or 100 Dollars which are available immediately after the purchase. By using this method, you are not only limiting the amount of your balance, but it also avoids providing bank details and payment card codes.

The Entro pay

This is a virtual debit card prepaid, reusable, and associated with the Visa brand. To make deposits, you can use Visa debit / credit cards or a bank transfer. This method offers you several security guarantees. On the other hand, you will never spend more than you have deposited.