Wednesday 27 September 2023
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Martingale – A Wrong Strategy At Online Casino

Never think of beating an online casino, and winning big, using the grand strategy called Martingale. If you have this mind, you will lose lots of funds, because the Martingale system is a wrong strategy, which will not make you win at an online casino in the long run. Let’s see how the system works and why it does not work.

Here’s How The Martingale Works

To use the Martingale system, you need to double your starting bets. One of the most popular bets is on black/red for the game of roulette. You place your bet and if you lose, you double, it’s simple. If you lose again, you double back and repeat the process until you win, then return to your original bet. Theoretically, the system works, you are guaranteed to be a winner if you follow the strategy to double your bets until the winning round.

But the casino will not let you win indefinitely, even if you’ve got an ample supply of money to double your bets. Keep in mind that the Aussie online casinos will not offer unlimited winnings unless the house has the advantage of generating long-term profits. The casinos have protected themselves against the Martingales, putting a maximum limit of the bets for each casino game. The martingale system automatically loses power when a maximum bet limit is in place.

We Elaborate in Details    

Take an example of the Martingale betting on red/black roulette. Many online casinos with a dollar table have a maximum bet of $ 100. If you play using the Martingale, and you double your bet each time you lose, the progression should look like this:

  • You bet $ 1, but you lose.
  • Your next bet will be $ 2 (double $ 1). You lose
  • Your next bet will be $ 4 (double $ 2). You lose
  • Your next bet will be $ 8 (double $ 4). You lose
  • Your next bet will be $ 16 (double $ 8). You lose
  • Your next bet will be $ 32 (double compared to $ 16). You lose
  • Your next bet will be $ 64 (double $ 32). You lose
  • But your next bet, which should be $ 128 (double $ 64 so), exceeds the maximum limit of the table, which is $ 100. You cannot bet $ 128, as required by the Martingale system you used, so you’ve just lost a nice sum.


In the case above, you only have seven roulette rounds to fall on a winning round. If you lose seven consecutive rounds, you reach the maximum limit, which prevents you from continuing to double, the base of the Martingale system. Many players, especially novices, tend to believe that losing seven bets in a row is virtually impossible. They are wrong. If you are doubtful, take a look at the roulette results table, which is displayed in most Australian slots pokies online, the red or black consecutive rounds reach or exceed 7 laps very often. If you play using the Martingale system and you are not in a big day, the frequency of reaching the maximum limit is high: once the maximum limit is reached, you will not be able to recover your losses, even if the system works the next turn. Red or black, for roulette, sometimes falls more than 20 times consecutively, which ultimately makes the Martingale nothing more than a chance to win.