Monday 25 September 2023
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Making the Smartest Moves  for the Online Poker

It does not take more than one or two sessions for big players to lose all the money they have won for weeks (or months). Therefore it is not surprising, therefore, that players who lose large amounts of money in live games (90% of players around the world) also ensure that they are not able to maintain a certain balance when playing online. What is more surprising is that some of the best players in the world also have this same problem.

  1. Stay within your means

Start playing with a clear idea in your head: if you want to make money you have to keep within the possibilities offered by the money you have. If you do not follow this rule, things will start to go wrong.

In addition, there is a mathematical theorem known as “the ruin of the player” that explains in a very simple way the reason why we give you this advice. For example, put two face-to-face players who have the same chances of winning, that is, 50% for each one. While one of them has limited money, the other is very rich and does not have that “problem”. If each time you bet the same and the game develops indefinitely there will be some time when the player who has money that can be finished will go bankrupt. However, the rich, who can bet indefinitely, will never get to that situation.

  1. Do not obsess

If you meet the above recommendation, you leave the risk of bankruptcy behind. But do not forget that poker is played with chips, not with money, so you never have to think that chips are worth less or do not represent your money, because you would be making a big mistake.

  1. Play the game seriously

When your money is at stake, every hand, game, signal or detail matters because the smallest mistake is going to cause you to lose money. And the more money you lose by making mistakes, the harder it is going to be to get some benefit.

  1. Do not forget yourself

You are human, so you have to take care of yourself even when you play agen poker terpercaya. That’s why you have to feel good playing online to put your best strategy on the table.