Thursday 28 September 2023
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Lotus Notes Domino and Internet: Application Growth – Tips for Programmers

Starting with Domino version R4, it has a combination with the Internet, as well as the web server itself, ends up being an HTTP-server. The following releases of DominoQQ Web-server add new functionality (as an example servlet managers, sustained JVM variations update, etc.). To offer you general picture and abstracting from the information we’ll discuss two significant Domino Web-server functions:

  1. Domino Web-server is the full-featured HTTP-server. In other words, it can offer static (or conditionally static) files as the respond to HTTP-browser’s requests (consisting of HTML, picture, JavaScript, applets, etc.);.
  2. During the internet browser’s requests to Domino dynamic resources by specific URL, the server can develop in passing HTML-pages, making the Domino item visible.

For sure, it is fairly streamlined design (we pointed out that, as an example, Domino Web-server supports servlet technology). Still, this version allows us to talk about the significant problems in the development of Web-applications based on Lotus Domino technology. Following the significant troubles are.

o in Domino-based Web-applications development, the designer is highly limited to make use of integrated program languages’ opportunities. Therefore, from 380 integrated @- commands of @- solutions language, almost 40 are sustained in Web. LotusScript is sustained only in 3 types of Web-agents, etc..

o application security troubles. The standard authentication, authorization, coding, digital trademarks, and so on devices are streamlined in the Web or do not function. SSL + x. 509, etc. certifications are to be utilized in such instances;

o applications performance. HTML-pages generation in passing surely takes the server sources, so if the application is inadequately constructed, it might cause the webserver failing. For example, if an agent generates the very first DominoQQ web page of the site, after that, concurrent demand from an instead large variety of individuals might create the service failing situation. Programmers are to take care of themselves for filling equilibrium, putting into various parts typically changed as well as extra fixed data;

As a consequence, most designers place on Domino just those features which can not execute themselves. I look with the codes of full-blown Web-sites, designed on Domino technology, and after that, for instance, in Domino types we see only areas, all extern design is based on DHTML.There are a lot of websites, sustaining the significant number of customers, accessing Domino data. Domino modern technology, from release to launch, offers brand-new possibilities for Web-design (forex. The author himself used Domino to produce sites with requests with more than 2000 visitors per day.

o Before the creation of a Web-project on Domino, it is essential to examine the entire Domino framework in the frame of a concrete company. If the Domino framework at this business gets on opening or initial phase, than Web-design based upon DominoQQ is hardly appropriated. The reality that Domino Designer is the setting for rapid application development (RAD), consisting of Web- applications, can not be the reason to produce Web-projects on Domino;

o as for feasible enabling to Domino transfer in passing only objects, which can not be or rarely applied by utilizing various other Web-technologies (supposed HTML-design is to be developed by developers).