The danger in this strategy of playing casino roulette is that you can very easily borrow if you do not have enough money to double further. If the roulette player in our example had only 100 € with him, he would have gone home with less than 80 €.

In addition, it is not uncommon when the same color falls in a row 8 or 10 times. In this regard, the wallet needs stamina. There are 2 ways to avoid this problem:

Have enough money with you.

  • If you have a little money, make a small bet in the first round. If the player in our example would start with 2 €, then by the fifth round the amount was 32 €.
  • However, the biggest threat in the casino for the martingale strategy is the gaming room itself.

You need to know about the dangers of the system, and for this there are the main 3 protective mechanisms of the gaming room:

Double ban: Special software recognizes when a roulette player starts playing martingale tactics, and security officials ask that person to leave.

Determination of the maximum bet: The rule is set at roulette: the lowest bet is € 15 and the maximum bet is € 1000, which can guarantee that the martingale system will not work already from the 7th round although the doubling scheme is quite legal here. The use of the casino88 is there.

Doubling the upper limit : In this option, the roulette player can only double his bet 5 times in a row , which makes the strategy of playing at the martingale casino almost impossible, even if the principle of doubling is legal.

  • Since each gaming hall is protected by at least one of these measures, the decisive factor for the success of your casino roulette strategy depends on the choice of protection scheme for the roulette game.
  • If the casino has a ban on doubling the upper limit is set, then it is better not to meddle in this situation.
  • The casino gaming strategy works best on the principle of doubling in gaming halls with a low lower limit. Then if you play only with bets of 1 or 2 €, you are protected from using the upper limit of 1000 €.
  • Thus, although you do not get huge gains, you also do not incur large losses.

Why is the martingale casino strategy not reliable enough?

Despite a fairly good scheme, it is impossible to be fully protected with a martingale strategy, especially with a long series, which can happen from time to time; a wrench that tightens the nuts on your game can be both a limit on the upper limit of the bet and your own budget.