Monday 25 September 2023
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We are casino reviewers and have much experienced in every game including Keno and our job is to create the best quality options for players. And here are our best criteria:

Security and reliability

In a sensitive area like gambling, the most important factor is Security and reliability. Leading brands with many years of stable operation will be a prerequisite to be chosen. We also check licenses and casino regulators to make sure your money is safe and no one can cheat here.

Payment support in Vietnam

Although the technology has developed and online payment is no longer strange, domestic payment at Vietnamese banks will be priority when introduced at

Attractive online game

Online Keno game is an interesting online game, but not all bookmakers can make it a quality online Keno and lottery experience. We play and evaluate the display, how to play and other factors to ensure you enjoy playing Keno at our casino.

Keno prize programs.

Casinos often have lots of promotions and bonuses. Therefore, if there is a prize program for Keno such as deposit bonus or refund, it will be greatly appreciated.

Especially, the leading online casinos in Vietnam have huge welcome bonus programs for newly registered accounts. So choose any one of our recommended bookmakers such as to receive unprecedented deals with Keno and other attractive casino games.

Enthusiastic and fast customer support

The response speed, attitude and support channels (email, live chat, ticket, …) will be greatly appreciated to ensure that you will receive the best help when playing Keno at our online casino.

Helpful strategies. is always a trusted location that is willing to help players get the best tips to get win. In fact, from our experience, We have summarized the three best strategies to assist the players to win the game

The secret to win Keno online may be varying in each online casino. In general, these are experiences of playing Keno online that may not help you win but will increase your chances of winning.

  1. View history of results

Almost every result is different, so when you look at your history, you can avoid the recent results or see which numbers have high frequency chosen, so you can focus on it.

  1. Playing extra bets

Extra bets with a low payout ratio are easy to pick up, in addition to the main 10 selected numbers, make extra bets to win more.

  1. Trial

Play it first Keno is a simple game but each casino offers different versions. You should try the demo with a virtual balance to understand how to play before playing it for real to avoid basic errors.

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In conclusion, from our reviewers, Keno is an easy game which has not much rules but brings good experience for players. Above all, we write this article with the desire to make players feel safe when choosing us. We hope you have good time with our online Keno.