Monday 29 May 2023
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Is poker similar to gambling?

Poker is one of the most played games and is very easily confused as gambling. Very few know the difference, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. If you were to ask someone this question, they would probably think that why are you even asking them this question? Isn’t it obvious enough that the two are the same? The general notion and public opinion state the two are the same, but the difference between the two depends on what you mean by Gambling.

The endless debate

The question on the debate here has been under debate for years because of the gambling laws in various countries. Many laws state gambling as illegal and if poker is also gambling, clearly that would be illegal too. But, poker players like not to call poker as gambling.

The prime reason for not declaring poker under the gambling umbrella is that in poker, you don’t play against the house. Winner directly wins money from other players in the game and not the house. Many have also debated that poker is a game of skill, whereas gambling is general luck. In poker, there would surely be weaker players and strong players but when you gamble, luck could be with anyone.

The legal debate regarding poker has been stirred up very recently, with platforms like Judi Pakai Pulsa in the highlight. Many have simply thrown out the question and stated that Poker is a form of gambling, like any other.

An inaccurate view of gambling

Whether it is the ones who say Poker is not a gambling or the ones saying it is, are not entirely correct because of their faulted knowledge of what gambling is. Gambling is anything and everything falling under the category of playing a game of chance for money. If poker is a game of chance, then it surely is gambling, but is it?

In a general game of poker or on online platforms like Judi Pakai Pulsa, a hand is dealt with the players who are random cards and entirely dependent on the luck factor. Whereas, the decisions made by the players during the game is based on their skill and understanding of the game. It is a mix of skill and luck so one can’t define the black and white areas in this debate.

Most games are a blend of skill and luck, even something like basketball or football. Yes, a lot of skill is involved in pushing the ball back and forth, but would you know in advance is your quarterback was I injured? There are both elements involved in most situations.


With all the arguments that are there for both sides, one can still state that Poker is gambling long with a lot of other things in life. Taking a chance on anything means you are gambling with it. Even the lottery is actually, but it is the bad press surrounding gambling which has pulled poker towards itself. It is obvious for poker players wanting to stay out of that.