Monday 25 September 2023
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How To Play Bola Tangkas Like A Pro

Bola Tangkas is 7 stud Indonesian version of the poker game. The game is based on computerized software that combines the seven cards to determine the highest card combination. It came into existence sometime in the 1980s and has become quite popular all over Indonesia. It is offered on the standard online casinos and offers the easiest registration process ever.  Once you have created an account and deposited some money to your account, you will be ready to start play. If you have heard this poker game for the first time or you are just trying to learn the basics, here are some things you should know.

Understand The Rules First

This game has specific rules that must be followed for a safe play. Starting to play the game become you have mastered the rules will only lead you to regrets. Read the rudimentary rules of this game on every website you decide to play on before you go ahead with the play. This will save you a great deal and ensure that you won’t end up losing your account due to some minor mistakes that could have been avoided.

Remain Calm

Aggressiveness only gives birth to disaster when it comes to playing Bola Tangkas. If you are to win and enjoy playing the game, you must always stay calm. In short, you must never exercise impatience when playing the game. Emotions will only lead you to make grave mistakes that you will leave to regret so it is best you focus on the cards and be rational in your play.

 Manage Your Finances

Playing poker can turn your story from pain to glory overnight if you win the jackpot. However, that does not mean you should bet all your money because you want to become a million. You must learn to manage your finances when playing poker. It is always recommended that you bet on what you can afford to lose. Only bet the amount of money you haven’t budget as this will save you from regrets.

Learn the Game from Specialists

When you start playing this Indonesian version of online poker, make sure to better your knowledge and experience by working with specialists. There are numerous online communities that discuss the tricks and tips to play the game. Consider joining those communities to better your knowledge and experience of the game. This way, you will less likely start making mistakes after you start betting.

Stay Sober Even After Wins

It’s normal to be excited after you win. However, that does not mean you should allow such happiness to control you. It is highly recommended that you keep over-excitement on the bay to make it in this game. Also, never exercise over-confidence as that is what will kill you. Experts also advise that you should never play the game when you are on alcohol. It will reduce your concentration and may make you lose big time.