Tuesday 26 September 2023
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History of Online Gambling

It is true that the online casino is the popular trend for those game lovers who like to gamble. But it is also true that much of the evidence has existed for periods of time confirming that the existence of gambling games developed for many years through most ancient civilizations. Tiles were used then in gambling games and were found in China. Gambling data back to 2000 BC, and the dice used in table games in the civilization in Pharaonic were found. Some of the other tools used in gambling games dating back to the Greek soldiers during the Bronze age were also found.

Roman civilization

Back in ancient Rome also refers to the existence of gambling games, where Roman writings indicate that the table games development was common among both kings and peasants alike. Indian civilization also confirms that the game of backgammon was present since its existence in the ancient city of Bombay, where the tables were found.

Archaeological documents

Documents have been found indicating that the king of Norway and the Swedish king had tried to take refuge in the result of throwing dice to divide the area they were contesting.


All the above history shows that games of gambling have had a great presence since the oldest civilizations in the world, the Chinese and Pharaonic civilizations, and gambling developed during the evolution of civilization and people around the world. Now anyone can gamble online through the countless sites across the networks of the internet and anywhere in the world at any time.

This was how gambling spread and formed the standardization of casino halls.

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