Thursday 28 September 2023
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Essential Option for the Perfect Sports Betting Possibilities

February is the month that marks the return of the most prestigious club competition in the world. On the 13th and 14th the race for the 2018 Champions League title begins again, with a dispute for the top with strong competition. And which team has a good value for betting through the odds offered by bookmakers?

The odds of the 2020 Champions League favorites 8

This year, after a long time, Spain does not have the big favorite, it comes from England and is followed by France. Bayern representing Germany are another team ahead of the Spanish giants. The 2018 Champions League is presenting something new for us bettors.

Man City

Before the start of the competition, Manchester City had 15.0 to win the competition, now they have “only” 4.20. This is because the Citzens are currently the team that scores the most goals in the top five European football leagues.

The Premier League leaders also showed their strength in the Champions League, without having any problems in showing their games. But let’s face it, City have a rating as low as they get it because of what they do in the Premier League and because their next opponent, Basel, doesn’t put up as much resistance.


PSG started the competition as the second favorite in the betting exchanges, behind Real Madrid, opponents of the knockout phase. But his impressive form throughout the group stage consolidated him today ahead of the meringues. For the 안전놀이터 검증 site this is important.

The lack of a shirt or a heavyweight player in the squad has always made PSG never come to mind, but with Neymar’s arrival, Unai Emery’s team have so far scored 25 goals and only Barcelona with 1 and Manchester United with 3 they conceded less goals than the Parisians, with 4.

Bayern Munchen

Behind City and PSG, understandably, Bayern Munich are playing to continue their impressive record of reaching the semifinals as they have in five of the past six seasons.

The fact that they finished the group stage behind PSG weighed in to receive a higher quote. The team were behind the French in the group on goal difference, and remember that the defeat they suffered in Paris had the finger of Carlo Ancelotti, who at the time was experiencing internal crisis in the squad. But the return game showed that the Bavarians are strong in Germany.


The odd of 7.0 that they receive in this stage of the tournament is the highest of Barcelona in the last 10 years of the Champions League. This is because of the poor performance of the last two years with the eliminations in the quarterfinals, and also because Neymar left the team.


But Barcelona are still undefeated in the tournament, and will face a Chelsea that has always had historic clashes in the knockout stages of Champions. Today, Chelsea are downhill in the Premier League, while Barcelona are comfortable leading the Spanish league. This is a positive point for the team in this dispute.