Monday 25 September 2023
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Choices for the Right Site Verification

Essentially, Online database offers users a simple way to store, access, synchronize and share (i.e. share) files with other people and other devices. The system allows you to work with any type of file: Word, Excel, images, video, etc. Files can be accessed from anywhere and from almost any device connected to the internet with 토토록.

The Greater User Options

Most users are attracted to the possibility of working simultaneously with other people on the same file. Thus, the files in question can be distributed to other people, giving the collaborators the right to view or even modify / edit them.

For companies, the advantages of using a cloud file-sharing system are primarily related to productivity, security and cost reduction.

Reason why customers choose online database: the unbeatable price

Online database is not the only provider of such services. Other file storage services in the cloud are even better known. You almost certainly heard about: Google Drive, Drop box, Box, cloud, OneDrive, Ignite, Share File.

Undoubtedly, giants such as Google, Apple or Microsoft are able to provide more complex and chiseled file-sharing services. But when it comes to price, you’ll quickly find that online database is simply unbeatable.

  • Unlike all the competitors mentioned above, online database does not charge its services according to the number of users. You are charged only for the storage space you need. Thus, for a small number of users, you might find a price equivalent to that required by online database; but as the number of users increases, the difference between the competitors’ offer will increase. Offer online database.

If we draw the line: for the vast majority of companies, the price of online database is unbeatable.

Top frustrations related to the use of the platform: locally edited files by several people at the same time:

We offer online database and support to the clients who use this file-sharing platform for about two years. Being on the “front line”, I could observe the problems and frustrations of the users related to the online database platform.


By far, the biggest frustration of users is related to the difficulty of collaborating with others in editing a file, when this file is opened and edited locally.

What do we mean?

Online database allows you to open files in two distinct ways:

Method 1: Access files locally, on desktop / laptop. In this case the user downloads and installs the PC application; once installed and configured, the user can view and access their files directly from This PC, on Windows, or Finder, on Marcos. Online database appears as a virtual disk).

Method 2: Access the files in the web application. Thus, the user logs on to the online database platform in his favorite browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Undoubtedly, most users prefer method 1, i.e. accessing files in Local mode, i.e. on PC, because this method is easier. In addition, if we rely on the number of support tickets registered by us, the chances of getting in trouble are minimal if the file is accessed / edited by one person (so we exclude the scenario of concurrent collaboration on the same file), regardless of whether you do it in the web or local application.