Monday 25 September 2023
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Chef Mark Ulrich about the kitchen of Shangri La Casino Minsk

Image result for hef Mark Ulrich about the kitchen of Shangri La Casino Minsk

Mark Ulrich moved to Minsk in 2009. He works in Shangri La of Michael Boettcher, Storm International. He was born in Germany and says that in Western Europe people know very little about Belarus. Mark wondered what kind of mentality Belarusians have, what kind of cuisine. Some people think that there are more grocery lines in Belarus! There is, of course, some shortage, but not of ingredients, but of culinary experts.

Mark has been working as a chef for 35 years. The team consists exclusively of Belarusian chefs. At first he looks at a resume, then invite a person to a two-day internship. This time is enough to understand what a young specialist wants, what he can do, what he aspires to. Sometimes for a low position it is better to accept a person with little experience, but an enormous desire to work.

For guests of Shangri La, the chef often offers men’s food. Meat is definitely a male food! This is a steak with a hearty side dish. For men’s events at Shangri La, Darren Keane, the company CEO said, Mark often offers pork ham marinated in red wine with spices.