Wednesday 27 September 2023
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Best Values for the Perfect Bets Online

The catch is that the mathematical probability rarely matches the real one. The result of the fight is influenced not by the opinion of the majority, albeit reasoned, but by many other factors. Even an outsider at home has an edge. However, a beginner player thoughtlessly places a bet, thinking that it is the most obvious one. The probability increases due to rash bets, which is what the office requires.

Is it realistic to beat the bookmaker?

It is possible to beat the 토토 사이트 bookmaker’s office, but the margin complicates this task. This is the bookmaker’s commission, which brings the office almost one hundred percent profit for any outcome of the event. To understand the essence of margin, consider an example of a coin toss.

The chances that one of the sides will drop out are 50%. Accordingly, the odds for heads and tails should be 2.0 each. But in this case, the bookmaker would not always make money, so it sets quotes taking into account the margin. The value becomes not 2.0, but, for example, 1.95.

Imagine that you have bet $ 100 on tails, and your friend gets the same amount for heads. The coefficient is 1.95. It doesn’t matter who wins, the payout will still be $ 195, although the total bet was $ 200. Missing 5 USD went into the bookmaker’s pocket – this is the margin.

Despite such superiority of the bookmaker’s office, it is possible to emerge victorious from the battle on a permanent basis. Let’s take a look at how to enter the 2% of players who regularly make money on bets.

How to beat a bookmaker?

Continuously improve your knowledge of the 은꼴 sports discipline you are betting on. You need to know the features and specifics of the sport. Limit yourself to a few tournaments, or even teams, to which you can devote more time to keep abreast of all the changes. Thoroughly disassembling one or two championships or 3-4 teams is easier than betting on new tournaments and clubs every day. Become a highly specialized expert to gain an edge over bookmaker analysts.

Bet at different bookmakers, this way you can play the best odds.

Study the forecasts of experts and compare them with your opinion. Participate in discussions on thematic forums and groups on social networks. Share information with other players, learn from their mistakes and gradually develop your own betting strategy.

Determine artificially low quotes yourself. Study analytical materials, take into account the specifics of the upcoming match and compare the odds of different bookmakers.

Analysis of sports events

A successful game in bookmaker’s office consists in the analysis of fights. The forecast should not rely solely on statistics, although they are taken into account in the analysis. It is important to approach the study of a match from all angles, considering many factors.


In sports, there are many examples when the underdog beat a favorite. More often than not, over-motivation was the reason. When a club is threatened with relegation to a lower division, if it does not score points, athletes find additional strength and gnaw out victories.