Often players (especially those who are still beginners) do not know what to do in the vast sea of online poker, and rely on chance or their instinct, when, instead, they should decide which of the best virtual poker rooms to start to play. With the poker online options you can have the best deal.

Hence there is the need to draw up a ranking and a list of Italian poker rooms, which clearly indicates the strengths and weaknesses of each poker room, guiding the less experienced players towards the most congenial rooms.

Starting to play online poker without full knowledge of the facts is not in fact the best of ideas (and for this reason we advise you first of all to read and learn poker rules well): even if viewed from outside the poker room most popular Italians can all look more or less the same, but in reality they are very different from each other.

What do the best poker rooms offer?

They aim very or almost exclusively towards poker tournaments, other poker rooms prefer to push cash games.

Some are literally crowded at any time of day, while others have peak times and times when the number of users decreases.

 Most often offer different poker bonuses and special promotions, others prefer to opt for other strategic marketing choices.

Great Options

  • The companies has compiled for you a ranking of the best poker rooms in Italy , analyzing them in detail, with expertise, without neglecting any aspect and any kind of detail.
  • Consulting the ranking means starting on the right foot and not running the risk of being disappointed by making a bad investment.

Naturally, each reviewed room is provided with a regular license issued by the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, and therefore has all the credentials to operate on the Italian territory.

Read the reviews of the most popular Italian poker rooms

  • In a very brief way, we can tell you that the poker sites shown on this page, in our view, can be considered fully as the best online poker rooms not only for their offer of games but also for convenience and goodness of the bonuses and promotions, of the safety standards, of the quality level of the software and for their catchment area.
  • The combination of these criteria, analyzed by the companies, led to the composition of this list of game providers.
  • A very dynamic list, which can change at any time, given that the virtual poker market in Italy and in the world is constantly evolving.

Poker room Each room has strengths and weaknesses

The editors of The companies will make sure to constantly monitor the poker sites and possibly change this ranking, taking into account all the changes and improvements made by the various gaming rooms. If you are not very familiar with the game of poker, it is more than legitimate that you are wondering how you can actually achieve a ranking of the best online poker rooms.